Mechanical Service

Exceptional design and installation of all mechanical services

Zapas is your full-service provider for all mechanical contracting. Our talented team of professionals works closely with you to build, install, and maintain systems to achieve the best possible outcome in every situation. We do this for all types of mechanical systems at all sizes and complexity levels. We work closely with our clients to look over your design and approach while keeping budgetary factors in mind as well.

Our team keeps to the schedule and offers cost certainty for every job – you know what to expect every time, whether you need HVAC equipment installation or mechanical room design and installation. We find solutions that fit your needs.

Sheet Metal Services

Custom sheet metal solutions for all of your needs

We strive to provide the very best in sheet metal fabrication. Quality workmanship is expected at every turn. Zapas is committed to working to ensure every project goes well and achieves the very specific goals you have.

A component of this is providing custom sheet metal fabrication services. This includes complete systems for any application. We always meet Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning National Contractors Association and Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) standards or exceed them.

Ventilation: designing efficient ventilation systems

Make-Up Air Systems
Industrial facilities and large commercial buildings need to be ventilated properly - for the safety and comfort of everyone inside. By using specialized air handling equipment, you can ensure that your building is always supplied with fresh air.


Preventative: Well-maintained units run into less issues

Invest in professional mechanical maintenance services and reap the rewards of lower energy usage and increased building longevity. Don't wait until your systems break down - by then it'll be too late!

Your building's mechanical system is essential to its efficiency and longevity. By investing in regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, you can lower your building's energy usage by 15-20%. With HVAC systems accounting for 40-70% of commercial buildings' energy usage, it's essential to optimize and oversee your building's mechanical system.

The quality of mechanical services you choose will determine how long your building and its systems last. Professional mechanical services and timely repair when necessary eliminates unplanned building HVAC equipment replacements.

Design Build

Zapas is an integrated company – we provide full design-build for every project

Our design team works alongside our construction and facility teams to create collaboration in designing and building solutions for your needs. These solutions are energy efficient and sustainable, built to be reliable, and designed to be effective for your application.

Our design-build services are comprehensive, and we’re recognized for our quality performance and solutions. This often leads to substantial benefits such as:

Single-Source Accountability
We align our objectives with the property owner as a first step and then take responsibility for the engineering of the solution prior to constructing it to meet all objectives without failure and with specialized attention to detail.
Cost Savings
In every sense of the word, our team recognizes the importance of cost effectiveness. We work to achieve this without sacrificing performance. Our delivery systems are remarkable for value and efficiency.
Reduced Risk
We know the value of providing exceptional results that are also safe and reliable. We strive to reduce risks in many ways, including costs, schedules, and performance of the system. From the early start of the process to working with our partners to ensure priorities are met, we are committed to the very best outcomes.
Faster Delivery
By working with us for our full design and build solutions, we can promise responsive, faster results. With the lean principles we use, we streamline our workflow to ensure that every project receives the maximum benefits possible. That often means delivering systems faster than anyone else in our region of Ontario.
Improved Quality
Zapas uses only the best products and construction techniques to meet and exceed every specific performance expectation possible.
Design Assist

Improved solutions through effective design assist solutions

There are times when our clients need design-assist solutions. We work closely with our preconstruction and construction teams to create reliable solutions in these areas. That includes working directly with clients during the design and development phase to provide expert – industry leading – guidance that helps to improve outcomes through better and more efficient decision making.

We provide input on all aspects of the process, from selecting the most appropriate equipment to optimizing systems with the goal of reducing costs. This may include solutions for modular construction of prefabrication, for example. Our experience and proven history ensure that every project achieves the best overall results.

When working with Zapas for design-assist solutions, companies can expect:

Better Solutions
Our ability to collaborate efficiently means we can develop approaches that balance and complete demands for improved system performance. In addition to this, we can ensure rapid completion of projects, cost effectiveness in every stage, and quality workmanship in all aspects of the work we provide.

Managed Scope and Cost
Our design assist solutions ensure every project receives the same attention to managing costs. We understand how to manage costs, and we have a proven track record that showcases what we can do for our clients. We eliminate the gaps that slow projects down and increase costs, including in areas such as improving project planning, construction schedule management, and trade sequencing. Our experience leads to significant improvements in each of these areas.

Effective Communication
With over 20 years of success in doing so, we ensure our clients – our partners – see impressive results, including faster and more efficient schedules, reduction in field-driven requests for information, fewer change orders, and more measurable success for every project.

Risk Elimination
Our design-assist services work to mitigate risks for our clients. We provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price early on in the work we do for our clients based on our involvement in the project. We also take full responsibility for the mechanical design, cost, scheduling, functionality, and commissioning of projects, including long-term maintenance, as needed and requested by our clients. It is in this ability to reassure our clients of superior results that we are most noted for, especially in some of the most complex projects today.

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